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In the past there has never been an effective way to help  our  Prediabetic patients prevent the progression to T2 diabetes. 

Clearly just telling my patients to

"eat better and exercise more"

is not working! 

Thanks to the AMA and CDC, now we have a solution!

The American Medical Association and the CDC are supporting physicians

in the treatment of Pre-diabetes. 


In under 2-minutes this video shows how a practice similar to yours is screening their patients for Pre-diabetes to prevent the progression to diabetes.
In just 5-minutes this video shows how the CDC program  works.

Randomized Controlled Trial Results

The AMA and the CDC urge you to prevent diabetes S.T.A.T.

The AMA is suggesting two optional ways to refer patients to the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Which is best for you?

In videos the clinics each choose AMA identification method #1

However, you may start by using AMA method #2 shown below.

 DPP Research Study: People with prediabetes who took part in this structured lifestyle change program reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes (at average follow-up of 3 years).

And the lifestyle change program was nearly twice as effective as metformin.


* Many employers and insurers offer the lifestyle change program as a covered benefit.

Patients should check with their insurer or employer to see if the program is covered.

1)  Retrospective identification method.  

2)  Point-of-care method. (Diagram below.)

The forms referenced in the below "point-of-care" flow chart are available here, or at the AMA site, for PDF download. Or you may call for pre-printed forms. 
Call 915-449-9012 for printed referral pads and patient screening fliers to make it easy to refer eligible Prediabetic patients.

Teaching patients about healthy lifestyles when they have prediabetes is time consuming.

Do the below videos sound like any of

your patient-doctor conversations?

Our Team is Trained & Certified to Deliver this Evidence-Based CDC Program
Refer your patients to this 1-year long CDC-recognized program and let our trained coaches spend the time cultivating healthy lifestyle habits in your patients.

Call or text Bob at 915-449-9012 to find out if your clinic qualifies to receive free referral pads, patient screening fliers, and other supplies to make it easy to refer your prediabetic patients.


These PDFs have been helpful to other clinicians referring their Prediabetic patients to the CDC program.

Tools for Spanish speaking patients.

Call 915-449-9012 to see if your clinic qualifies for free printed patient literature.

steps forward.png

Call or text Bob at 915-449-9012 to request referral pads, patient screening fliers, and other supplies to make it easy to refer your prediabetic patients.

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