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Advanced Labs

2-hour Seminar shows you exactly what blood tests will help you not just detect disease, but actually PREVENT IT.

For years this has been our most popular seminar. We're excited to announce that it is now newly updated with the latest science from 2017.  Even if you've attended in the past, you'll enjoy our newest updates to this presentation.

Your ticket includes a set of multi-page hand-outs, complete with easy-to-understand color diagrams, which  you can take home for reference. Use them to evaluate your own lab reports and that of family members. 

Plus you'll learn what tests to order and what's the best in-network lab to have your doctor order them from.

Join us Wednesday. Sept. 19th from 6:45-8:45 pm

Formerly $20 per ticket, but as part of our


celebration tickets are now only $10.

Be one of the first 5 to purchase tickets and you'll receive a free visceral fat test at the end of the workshop!

Pay with VISA, MC or PayPal.

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