Today's informed clients are turning to Certified HEALTH CAOCHES

As a fitness professional, your clients depend on you to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Whether you're a personal trainer, nurse, dance teacher, yoga instructor, or other fitness professional - You are their expert. The only loss is that for most professionals, their expertise falls short in the nutrition part of their training. At least compared to Certified Trinity Health Coaches, which means that you are missing out on clients. Adding health coaching to your current services typically results in a significant jump in sales, client retention, and client success.


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Why more and more professionals are adding Health Coach certification to their training.

  1.  Everyone knows that fitness and good nutrition go hand in hand. Although fitness professionals know the basics about nutrition, there is so much that your clients are still missing out on to help them reach their goals faster and healthier, better yet; with your advanced knowledge in nutrition, you can help them retain that physical peak for longer. 

  2. Wellness is a multifaceted venture, requiring a holistic approach that covers a wide range of healthy habits and lifestyle decisions. More and more, medicine and health-related professionals like psychologists, doctors, nurses, therapists, and even chiropractors are becoming certified as health coaches to better address the full spectrum of clients' wellness.

  3. There is a wide range of educational options available to help health coaches expand their skills and knowledge. Through Trinity Health Coaching you can continue to expand your wellness practice allowing you to charge more and become more valuable to your clients.  

  4. Health coaches assist clients even when they aren’t in a gym or studio session by providing "at-home" or "Skype" consulting services as an added value to clients.  This means more billable hours for you--and no need to give part of your earnings to the gym or studio!

  5. On top of providing expert tools and resources, our Certified Health Coaches have better insight and training in how to effectively create full health systems that incorporate eating, exercise, and lifestyle decisions to give clients maximum results.

  6. Work in a variety of settings. Most Health Coaches enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. While others prefer to work with medical doctors as the "go to" professional who knows how to bridge that medical gap.

  7. Make more money by offering more services. With our support and extensive growing network you are not just more marketable but also in a better position to scale your business.

  8. Personal trainers and other wellness professionals who also earn their Health Coaching certification acquire the behavior change and nutritional coaching skills they need to empower clients to achieve long-term health.

  9. Health Coaches can cover more topics with their clients because consultations are generally NOT in a gym. Most Coaches meet with their clients for walks, coffee talks, grocery store visits, and even Skype virtual appointments, all of which can be billable as you help clients.

  10. Coaching certification offers instant access to a whole set of individuals looking for professionals whose training can help them build a TOTAL LIFESTYLE BASED wellness solution.  

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