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Customized services based on your needs

Choose from 3 coaching formats:


 1- One-on-one, personalized coaching

 2- Supportive small groups, on or off-site.

 3- Workplace Wellness programs at your job.



Programs include:


VIDEOS: Unlimited access to our online training on weight loss and nutrition.

PHONE and/or TEXT SUPPORT: Text your coach anytime throughout entire program

TESTING:  We partner with the best resources for measuring your progress. Advanced blood tests, DEXA scans (for body fat or bone density), stool tests, visceral fat or muscle mass testing, and more.



PRIVATE CoaChinG Services

~ $1,995. 12-month program

~ $1,495.  8-month program

~ $995.  4-month program

~ $675.  2-month program

What You Receive


*  Easy getting started instructions

*  Shopping lists

*  Restaurant eating tips

*  Amazing recipes for dinners, snacks, desserts and more

Cheat sheets

*  Access to the private Facebook group

*  Help setting up your online food journal app with customized settings to your exact health goals and needs.


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