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Are you fanning the flames of inflammation?

Think You Know What Healthy Eating Is?

Click to Play our Fun Quiz and Test Your Knowledge.

Win $10 in freebies if you pass the Test!

Chronic inflammation causes weight gain, lack of energy, skin problems, digestive issues, and a host of diseases as shown in this diagram.

What causes chronic inflammation? - Stress - Lack of sleep - Injuries or surgery - Many foods—Don’t eat the foods listed below

Chronic INFLAMMATION could be causing your body to hang on to belly fat!

Have you begun to eat healthy and become more active — and yet the scale is stuck?

It could be that your body is responding to the weight-inducing, inflammatory foods you’ve been unknowingly eating. Take the Fun Quiz at the top of the page to see if you know what foods are inflammatory. You could win $10 in free goodies from Trinity Health Coaching if you’re as smart as you think!

Inflammation is a protective part of the body's immune response that alerts you to a potentially-harmful invader. However, it is only beneficial in low doses. When you frequently put your immune system on high alert you build up pro-inflammatory bio-markers and end up with chronic inflammation.

With certain inflammatory conditions, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, RA, arthritis, fibromyalgia, celiac or Crohn’s disease, MS, or other autoimmune diseases, the immune system’s response is inflammatory.

TOP INFLAMMATORY FOODS TO AVOID 1. Sugar 2. Foods fried at high temperatures or deep fried 3. Wheat and other Processed Grains 4. Cured meats like bacon, salami, hot dogs, sausage (Try “nitrate-free” bacon—baked instead of fried) 5. Margarine and other foods with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils 6. More than one small serving of alcohol, beer or wine 7. Vegetable oils (Like soy, sunflower, canola, corn oil and safflower) 8. Dairy Milk and Cheese 9. Feedlot raised meat (Eat meat from free-range animals.) 10. Artificial sweeteners 11. Artificial food colors 12. Artificial flavorings


1. Beans and Legumes

2. Avocados and nuts

3. Shiitake mushrooms 4. Eggs—not overcooked

5. Dark chocolate (without sugar)

6. Berries and cherries

7. Matcha tea, Tulsi tea and Green tea

8. Salmon, Sardines, and other fatty fish 9. Spices like Garlic, Turmeric and Cloves 10. Probiotic-rich Yogurt (without sugar) 11. Red wine (No more than one glass a day) 12. Healthy fats like Coconut oil and EV olive oil 13. Leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables 14. Non-GMO Tofu, Tempeh, Edamame and Soy milk 15. Fermented vegetables. (Like olives, kefir, kimchee, miso, pickles, sauerkraut)

Take the fun quiz at the top of the page and test your knowledge. For example, think red meat is inflammatory? Well the truth might shock you--as studies show that red meat is no more inflammatory than any other meat--or even fish for that matter!


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