Healthy Lasagna - My Favorite Dish!

By far my favorite Italian dish is lasagna. However, it feels like if I even look at lasagna made with regular noodles, the gluten spikes my insulin and I gain 5 pounds. So thankfully my amazing hubby and personal chef has created two healthy ways for me to enjoy lasagna. So trust me on this—you gotta try it! He substitutes the pasta layers in the lasagna with either zucchini or eggplant and it tastes amazing. Which I tell you, is no small feat, because I DO NOT like zucchini or eggplant!

If it is zucchini season and the ones in the store are huge, then he makes it with zucchini. During other times of the year he uses eggplant. But either way, the cooking directions are the same. Click to watch Bob's lasagna cooking video.

If you want the recipe for Bob’s lasagna, or his delicious Parmesan garlic spaghetti squash Click here for a free mini version of the Trinity Health Cookbook.

Two Common Questions we get on LASAGNA:

1) Isn’t all the fat in lasagna from cheese and meat bad? If you are concerned about fat, I encourage you to watch this eye-opening video called “BIG FAT LIES.” This 2-minute video is the first in a very interesting series. (If you want to watch the entire video series you can do so here.)

Want even more proof? Click HERE to see a PubMed report on saturated fat. Their 23-year long evaluation of 11 different long term studies showed that saturated fat does NOT increase heart disease. It’s not dietary fat, but rather sugar and starch that causes heart disease. So enjoy this lasagna recipe and your heart will love you!

2) Can’t I just buy “whole wheat” noodles to make a healthy lasagna? As you can see by looking at the chart at the end of this blog, whole wheat pasta has a GL (Glycemic Load) of 15. When trying to lose weight, control blood sugar, prevent belly fat, or reduce inflammation, we do not want to eat foods that are over 11 GL.

Additionally, at Trinity Health Coaching we suggest that everyone should eliminate or dramatically reduce the gluten from their diet. Speaking personally, if you were to come to our home you would not find any gluten containing products in the house.

Renowned neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, shares on the Dr. Oz show how gluten not only causes weight gain, but Alzheimer’s disease and many other conditions. Click to watch video

Here in North America farmers grow hybridized wheat that is far higher in gluten than historically grown wheat. Add to this that the germ and bran are also typically removed during processing, and we end up with high-gluten, preservative-filled, ultra-refined pastas. This modern pasta creates inflammation in our intestines. Scientists now recognize the link between inflammation and gluten-rich foods such as pasta, and are sharing the MANY health benefits to be gained by avoiding them.

The problem with many commercially available “gluten free” foods, is that the manufacturers remove the gluten and add sugars and chemicals. But now there is a new line of gluten free foods that are free from chemicals, have no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. Nothing but pure healthy fats, low glycemic carbs, and clean protein. Learn more at this short video, or contact your Trinity Health Coach to find out how you can experience these delicious foods today.

Are there other types of pasta that are gluten free and healthful to eat? There are. Click here to be taken to our blog on HOW TO CHOOSE A HEALTHY SPAGHETTI PASTA.

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