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How can I "eat healthy" and still enjoy pasta?

To answer that question we must first discuss why pasta is no longer healthy.

I have a friend who, for health reasons, cannot eat pasta. But when she went to Italy and decided to eat some pasta to enjoy her travel experience (“When in Rome…”) she experienced none of her normal pasta side effects. Why is this?

It has to do with the type of grain that is used, and how the pasta is made. Traditional Sicilian pasta is made from locally grown wheat, which contains the nutrient-rich germ and bran. These non-GMO authentic versions of pasta are hand-made and eaten fresh the same day. Here in North America we use hybridized wheat that is far higher in gluten than historically grown wheat. Add to this that the germ and bran are also typically removed during processing, and we end up with high-gluten, preservative-filled, ultra-refined pastas. This modern pasta creates weight gain, inflammation in our intestines, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more conditions. Scientists now recognize the link between inflammation and gluten-rich foods such as pasta, and are sharing the MANY health benefits to be gained by avoiding them.

So how do we do that and still enjoy one of life’s great pleasures—Italian food?

SPAGHETTI SQUASH is by far the “pasta” choice that Bob and I eat most often. It has such a low GL (glycemic load) that it is a guilt-free and it really is an “all you can eat” kinda pasta!

Many people don’t even know what spaghetti squash is. In fact I got quite a chuckle when one of my health coaching clients said, “Vicki, I asked my grocery store manager where the boxes of spaghetti squash were located and he said, ‘Oh we don’t carry that brand.”

So if even grocery store managers are confused as to what “spaghetti squash” pasta is, don’t feel bad if you are too. Spaghetti squash is purchased in the produce section of your grocery store, not in the pasta aisle.

Many people are intimated by it, as they say they don’t know how to cook it. Watch the video below that will show you exactly how easy it is to make spaghetti squash “pasta”.

Are there other types of pasta that are gluten free and healthful to eat? Click on the below chart to be taken to our blog on HOW TO CHOOSE A HEALTHY PASTA.

If I don’t have Celiac disease, then WHY is gluten a concern?

Dr. David Perlmutter, brain surgeon shares on the Dr. Oz show how gluten not only causes weight gain, but Alzheimer’s disease and many other conditions.

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