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Not your "regular" take on fiber

5 benefits of eating 35-50 grams of fiber daily:

1. Aids in weight loss.

2. Improves blood sugar

3. Reduces risk of cancer

4. Lowers cholesterol

5. Maintains good gut health

Easy High Fiber Diet

CLICK HERE to download our fiber newsletter with a list of the Top 30 fiber foods to easily incorporate into your diet.


Click on the recipe box to download my favorite LENTIL SAUSAGE SOUP RECIPE. This is literally my favorite soup of all time! It’s a great way to get 12 grams of fiber in one delicious bowl of soup. Even people who don’t like lentils rave about this soup when they try it. Seriously—you have to make this soup!

The fiber supplement called Fibergy Plus® is the “magic” ingredient that allows this easy to make Green Chili Chicken Enchilada recipe to be low glycemic load. The fiber ingredient makes the casserole set up nicely and the fiber lowers the glycemic impact of the tortillas, making this a delicious weight loss recipe that will be enjoyed by the entire family.

Want to try the high-fiber edamame spaghetti pasta talked about in the video? You can buy it at Costco for a great price, or CLICK HERE to go to Amazon to purchase a 2 pound bag.

Speaking of healthy pasta, check out our original blog entitled “Top 5 gluten-free pasta choices”.

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