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Know in medical research as SKMD, the Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is not only the most effective diet for weight loss, but it is also the healthiest diet to prevent diabetes and reverse heart disease.

This healthy eating plan was designed and researched by doctors in Cordoba, Spain. Due to the incredible results of the study, it was recently published in the US National Library of Medicine. It is the most effective nutrition plan yet uncovered by medical research.

What to expect in 12 weeks

What to expect in 12 weeks

* Average person doing SKMD loses 31 lbs

* Triglycerides drop by a whopping 50%

* Blood pressure drops by 26 points

* Heart protective HDL goes up

* Fasting Insulin improves

* Blood sugar drops by 17 points


The average person who does  this program loses 10-15% of their body weight in just 12-weeks. We are excited that Dr. Sam Fillingain  will be assisting us at Trinity Health Coaching so that the rapid weight loss you experience during this 12-week program is done in a safe and permanent way. 

In addition to his private medical practice, Dr. Sam has spent the last 15 years traveling the country teaching cardiovascular risk reduction to thousands of physicians. Many of these physicians consulted with him on their most difficult cases. Dr. Sam has reversed even the most serious of heart disease and diabetic patients and brought them back to a healthy state. 


Most doctors of this caliber charge patients thousands of dollars to be seen by them. But when you join this 12-week program, your 30-minute private “tele-medicine” video consultation with Dr. Sam, live from his office in Florida is included at no charge.

What's Included In Program

* Weekly meal plans telling you what to eat and when to eat it.

* 20 online video webinars to guide you through the entire program.

* 200+ page resource guide to go with videos.

* Weekly live video Q & A sessions from the convenience of your home computer.

* 30-minute consultation with Dr. Sam.

* $99 additional provides advanced blood testing (highly suggested, but not required).

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