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1-minute  String Test video shows

* HOW to do the test,

* WHY you want to do it,

* WHAT to do with your results.

What do your results mean?

 If a piece of string that's 1/2 your height, wraps fully around your waist at the belly button, medical research shows you have very little dangerous Visceral Fat.

Visceral Fat Illustration with transpare

A common misunderstanding is that visceral fat is the "belly fat" just under the skin. That is false.

visceral fat on heart.jpg

Visceral fat is attached to the organs inside your body. As you see in the yellow fat attached to the image of the heart on the right.  See video.

string test diagram.png
Take a piece of string that is the length of half your height. 
Wrap it around your waist at the belly button.
Go ahead and suck it in - be as skinny as you can! 
How much gap is there?
Which of the above is you?

Do the string test then see your results below

0 = Congratulations!
The more your string overlaps on itself, the greater your chances of living long, with great health and vitality! 
Keep this string in a place where you can find it once a year to test yourself annually and make sure your waist dose not increase as the years go by.  Good job!
1 = Skinny fat?  If your string does not overlap, even if your weight is "normal" your body is likely attaching visceral fat to your organs.  You may be in the 25% of people who are NOT "overweight" but ARE storing this dangerous fat.  
TEXT NOW to 915 861 6758 to see if  you qualify for an electronic visceral fat test.
2 = You are at risk. 
If the gap between the ends of the string is 2 and 4 inches, research shows that you have dangerous levels of visceral fat.  This string test is almost as accurate as a DEXA scan in diagnosing visceral fat.
You may qualify for a free ticket to a seminar next week to learn how to reverser this.
3 = Please Let us help!  
If the gap between the ends of your string is more than 4 inches, you likely NOW HAVE 1 or more of the below.
  • Fatty liver disease,

  • Insulin resistance and Metabolic disorders,

  • Prediabetes or Diabetes

You're also at great risk for:
  • Stroke,

  • Heart attack,

  • Alzheimer’s disease,

  • 13 of today's fastest growing cancers.

3-minute Visceral Fat video.

"It increases inflammation throughout body and secretes chemicals that change metabolism and tells body to store more body fat."

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