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Virtual Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention Program

Save money and time while you learn from the comfort of home!

Choose the dietary protocol that best suits your lifestyle 

1- Traditional low fat, calorie controlled.

2- Vegan, whole-food, plant-based.

3- The newest 2018 ADA low-carb dietary protocol. 

4- Nutritional Ketosis (KETO)

More than half our city is either

prediabetic or has metabolic syndrome.

Are you at risk of prediabetes?

Take the risk test below!

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Save 45%* with one year of virtual coaching

for only $280!

*Savings compared to in-person program cost of $495

This 1-year program is clinically-proven to help you LOSE WEIGHT and cut the risk of developing diabetes by 58%.


How is the Trinity program different?

Just like all CDC DPP providers, we help participants to moderately increase activity, reduce stress and eat healthy. But unlike others, we also focus specifically on helping you find healthy foods that TASTE AMAZING, for 4 different dietary protocols.


This virtual program will be run as a group, with others just like you who are looking to lose weight and reduce their risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

One Year of Virtual Coaching for only $280!

Your Virtual Program Includes the Following:

1) One year of support, with 22 one-hour sessions. Each session includes the following:

A) A 20 recorded video training 

B) A 20 minute live group Q&A session

C) 20 minutes of live Action Planning for the coming week(s)

2) An electronic student workbook, with over 200 pages of content to help you in your journey toward a healthier life.


3) Lifetime access to our client Facebook group, where we and your peers share recipes, ways to add activity to your busy schedule, engage in Q&A and more.


4) Access to extra recipes, training videos, and other helpful tips.



A perfect way to spend a minute.

So is taking a one-minute

prediabetes risk test.

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