Who can join the 6-week program starting on June 30th?


Participation is open to anyone in the world with internet access who understands English, or who buddies with a family member or friend who does.  You are encouraged to invite others to join your team. Studies show those who make lifestyle changes with a friend or family member are three times more likely to succeed!


Is this a Weight Loss challenge?


No, it is a health challenge.  It is for people who want to improve their health, have more energy, prevent disease, and slow the aging process. If you want to lose weight you likely will, but everyone can benefit.


Is my donation tax deductible?


Yes! YWAM El Paso-Juarez (the parent organization of Rancho Los Amigos) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax exempt status in both the US and Mexico.

What is the cost?


Trinity Health Coaching is donating their time!  The only required cost to participate is a $30-or-more, tax-deductible donation. Obviously, the more the better for the kids.  The donated funds will be matched 100% by an anonymous matching donor--so for example, a $30 donation will become $60 for the kids!


Everyone donating $30 or more to YWAM will receive the 2-hour introductory workshop discussed at the end of this document, the post-program celebration awards party, and short daily wellness training videos sent to their phone or email.  For an additional $20 fee participants will receive a complete Body Composition Assessment including 9 bio-markers of health to measure and track your progress.  A $400 value for only $50!


How is this different than what I have learned previously regarding health?


That depends on what you’ve been taught, and by whom. For 95% of participants this will be eye-opening, life-changing health information. In fact the majority of physicians are not even up to speed on this cutting-edge research that will slow the aging process by improving the function of your mitochondria at the cellular level.


If you have been through one of Trinity Health’s past programs, or even if you are a current coaching client, the information in this program will take you deeper into total restoration of your health. 


This is a new science that has been emerging over the last 10 years, ever since researchers were able to map the human genome. Participants can expect to see huge improvements in how they feel and their level of health.  Optional blood tests can be taken that will document the giant leap forward in your health and disease prevention.


How much time will I need to participate?


Beyond the initial 2-hour introductory video series, there are no set specific times of participation. During the 6-week program, Mon.-Fri. you will receive short 5-minute training videos to help you delve deeper into your health journey. Ideally you will watch these short videos daily as you receive them, but if you prefer you can just spend 25 minutes on the weekend catching up.

Is this acceptable for people with special medical or dietary restrictions?


Most definitely! It makes no difference if a person is vegan, gluten-free, or has other food allergies; this program can be adapted to any situation. If you have specific health issues of concern, page 136 in the "Fat For Fuel" book by Dr. Mercola lists some limited medical conditions that might require medical or nutritional oversight while doing this program. But even in those cases, the program can be successfully implemented, it just requires more personal supervision.


Do I have to compete with others?


Nobody will be required to "weigh in" or compete.  But for those who do like competition, there will be 3 winning TEAMS. 


How does my team WIN?


First let us say that the focus should not be on "winning" -- this is mainly about becoming your personal best, and helping the kids get moved into their new home.  But for teams who want to compete, there are 3 ways to win.


1) TEAM WHO DONATES THE MOST FUNDS. This can be a combination of initial enrollment donations and "50/50 cash pot" donations made at the closing ceremony. Fundraising is NOT expected of teams, but some may decide to do so. That is appreciated, but most certainly not required!


2) MOST IMPROVED TEAM.  This team will be the one who had the most health improvements during the six weeks.  At enrollment participants will be asked to pick 3 health goals they want to improve.


  • One of which can be subjective; for example, become "more" active or have "more" energy.

  • The other 2 goals must be measurable (for example, fat loss, blood pressure, more muscle, blood sugar,. etc.)


The team showing the most improvement in their three health goals by the end of the six weeks will be the winner.  (See enrollment form for details of how this will be monitored.)




This winning team will be chosen based on excitement and participation of its team members. For example, this winning team will likely have members who often share an experience, an emotion, a question, a recipe, or tip at the special Facebook group.


This team will also likely demonstrate team spirit by choosing a fun team name for themselves. They may even choose to get together a few times during the 6 weeks for private team events.


What will the winning teams win?


Because this is a charity challenge, donations from businesses are tax-deductible to them too. Businesses will donate goods or services for the winners. The last time Trinity Health did a large challenge like this, winning teams each got over $1000 in gift certificates for goods and services to split up among the team members. While we can't say for sure, we anticipate that this year's challenge winners will receive similar winnings.


Is this appropriate for my whole family?


Registered participants must be 18 years or older, but the health and nutrition training you will receive is appropriate for all ages. Although some adaptations are necessary for children and pregnant or nursing women.

Does my donation go to a specific child I can meet?


Donations from this program do not go to a specific child, but rather to the building fund. The main things that remain to be done are the commercial kitchen equipment and air conditioning units (most pressing), so that the kids can move out of the leaky old building before the rainy season gets here in late July.


The new building will also increase the capacity from 35 children to about 70.   Trinity Health Coaching is planning a "field trip" to the children's home in Juarez in August where you can tour the buildings and meet the kids.  


How do I know if the program has slowed my aging process?

There are several markers of premature aging. These will be discussed at the free 2-hour workshop mentioned at the end of this document.  Blood tests from your doctor, combined with some tests which a Trinity Health Coach can provide for you if you choose, can all be assessed to determine the speed of your aging process.


Will I get a receipt?


Donations made online will go directly to YWAM-EPJ through the secure donation website. Once the donation is complete an email receipt will immediately be sent to participants from YWAM-EPJ.


Are there any perks for volunteer Team Captains?

Yes, many!  If you organize a team of 8-12 people from your workplace, church, school, or social group, you will not be required to donate the $30 minimum donation to YWAM and you will receive the $20 Body Composition Assessment.  Plus you will receive free bonus health coaching sessions along the way!


Lastly, if your team finishes the 6-week program you will receive about $100 in free gift cards for food and other services from El Paso area businesses.    


What will I be doing if I offer be a Team Captain?


Your primary job is simply to help spread the word in your circle of influence and put together a team of 8-12 people who want to get healthier and/or reverse the aging clock, while helping out a very good cause at the same time.  You do NOT need to know anything about health yourself, as the professionals at Trinity Health Coaching will provide all the support for your team.  Your only job is to be the one who pulls the team together and then acts as the point of contact with the challenge organizers.




There are two ways you can sign up to participate and join a team (or join as an individual)

  1. If you know somebody who is organizing a team simply ask them for a registration form.

  2. Complete the 2 steps at the top of the main challenge page 


I still have questions!


Watch the video series from the live seminars conducted during the week of June 26th (to be available online by July 4th). After watching the videos you can decide if you want to join the 6-week charity challenge, as all your questions will be fully answered at that time.

What are the dates?


Now through Aug. 11.


How do I watch the opening seminar online?

When you sign up for the program you will be send a link to watch the 2-hour opening seminar in several small segments online as your schedule allows.


If my business or organization wants to participate will you come do a live workshop for us?


YES!  As long as  you can assemble a decent size group we are happy to come do a free workshop for you.  Contact us at the contact button below for more information.