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Intern Applicant Practice Quiz Page 

Unlimited quizzes are free for registered Intern applicants.

(Quizzes require "flash" and do not work on cell phones.)

Your first step is to become a Trinity Health INTERN by passing both
OBESITY MODULE Final Exams. This page will help you prepare for that.

Your journey to becoming a Certified Health Coach starts with 4-12 months in training as a TRINITY INTERN.  It is this journey as an Intern that will make you a highly skilled Health Coach after your 500 hours of training is complete. 


In addition to reading the book that was shipped to you, this page contains all the information you need to prepare to successfully pass your final EXAM and become an INTERN.  You should plan your weekly study schedule so that you can invest about 10 hours a week and be prepared to take your INTERN EXAM within 3-6 weeks.


Some modules can be very scientific, but don't let them overwhelm you. You don't need to become a biochemist to be a Certified Health Coach.  To pass the exam you will NOT need to know all the biology details the author talks about in his book.  The deep science is there if you enjoy that, but otherwise, just glean the basics.

As you watch the 4 videos in the section below you should type up a LOT OF NOTES on all 4 videos.  In your notes be sure to notate the specific time in the video where you saw what you are making the note on.  That way if you ever need to go back to the video to understand your notes more fully, you'll know exactly where in the video to go back and watch again.


90% of your future clients will be coming to you for:

              * Weight loss, or

              * Lower risk of heart disease, or

              * Lower their blood sugar

There are two different ways of eating that have both been shown to accomplish the above three goals. Surprisingly, the two diets are total opposites of each other. 

Please watch the first 30 minutes of the above webinar to understand the different dietary options you will be giving your future clients. Even though there is no "practice quiz "for the above video, some info from it WILL BE on your final exam.

The WHOLE-FOOD PLANT-BASED and the NUTRITIONAL KETOSIS diets are BOTH proven to reverse diabetes and improve heart health markers.

Both diets work for two reasons.

1) Both dictate only just enough protein to maintain muscle mass. (High protein diets do not promote long term optimal health.)

2)  Both keep us from eating high levels of Carbohydrates and Fat TOGETHER.

The Plant-based diet is high carb, but super low fat. 

The Ketogenic diet is high fat, but super low carb. 


Both these improve health, as each is ULTRA LOW in EITHER Fat or Carbs.  The key to reversing most chronic health conditions is to have either carbs or fat be ultra low.  (The standard American diet creates obesity and disease because it is not low in either.) 


To become an Intern you only need to get 50% or higher on the exams.

(To eventually become a fully certified Health Coach you will need over 70%).

Most people find it more fun to read the book intermittently and do the below video quizzes along the way as they are reading the book.  TYPE DETAILED NOTES as you read the book and watch the 4 videos. Notes will be emailed to Vicki before you take the final exam.

This quiz will be 25% of final exam.

This quiz will be 20% of final exam.

This quiz will be 30% of final exam.

This quiz will be 10% of final exam.

If you want extra credit points to give you a buffer on your final "for credit" exam, study the below and turn in typed up notes for any or all of the below.
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