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How much visceral fat

does your body have?


Our premium clients are tested quarterly to monitor the reduction  in their visceral fat. 

Clients who follow our program watch their visceral fat steadily dissolving away.

- Is your body transformation working? -
Click below to purchase a DEXA Scan
and Resting Metabolic Rate test package

Body Scans

Bone Mineral Density Scan

A bone density scan, also called a Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scan, is a noninvasive, painless, 10-minute procedure used to measure and evaluate the density of the bones.  This indicates if your bones are becoming less dense than they should be, which may cause fractured bones and eventual osteoporosis.


A bone density test is the tool physicians use to diagnose osteoporosis or osteopenia.  Your test will generate two scores; T-score and Z-score.

T-SCORE compares your bone mineral density to that of a “young adult” at peak bone strength.


Z-SCORE compares your bone mineral density to people of your same age.

A bone density DEXA scan is more accurate than other tests such as X-ray or CAT scan. The cost for a DEXA bone scan in some cities can be well over $200.  

If you are working with a Trinity Health Coach, ask how you can receive FREE DEXA bone scans as part of your ongoing wellness coaching package.

In just 20-minutes the calorimetry test measures your actual metabolic rate. This test replaces inaccurate calorie estimates based on height and weight. The test gives you your exact individualized calorie range to help you successfully meet your weight management goals.

I want more info on the Body Scan

30% of the clients who come to us have not been successful at losing weight on their own because they have not been eating enough food!

Our clients are invited to test regularly   to make sure they are not slowing their metabolism by eating too little.  Eating too few calories is the primary cause of "weight loss plateaus."

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