Now offering participants a choice of FOUR dietary protocols. 

1- The newest 2018 ADA low-carb dietary protocol. 

2- Nutritional Ketosis (KETO)

3- Traditional low fat, calorie controlled.

4- Vegan, whole-food, plant-based.

More than half our city is either

prediabetic or has metabolic syndrome.

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to be notified of upcoming free preview class 

This 1-year program is clinically-proven to help you LOSE WEIGHT and cut the risk of developing diabetes by 58%.


How is the Trinity program different?

Just like all CDC DPP providers, we help participants to moderately increase activity, reduce stress and eat healthy.

But unlike others, we are the only local provider that focuses specifically on helping you find healthy foods that TASTE AMAZING!  


To find out if this program is right for you or someone you care about, watch THIS VIDEO, then give us a call or text us on (915) 861-6758.


A perfect way to spend a minute.

So is taking a one-minute

prediabetes risk test.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you.


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