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For Your Workplace Wellness

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Why Implement A Wellness Program?

 - Lower absenteeism    

 - Fewer injuries        

 - Improved productivity


- Fewer health care claims

- Lower insurance premiums

- Less employee turnover

A Doctor's Perspective on Workplace Wellness

"I'd say at least 80% of the employees that Trinity Health Coaching has referred to me have ignored their health, but now they are concerned and grateful they are being given this (workplace wellness program). I am able to see how grateful they are and that they want good health."  

Dr. Christy Blanco, DNP

What Are The Keys to a

Successful Wellness Program?

While incentives and recognition can be beneficial, success is most often achieved when education and tools are provided to equip the employees to actually make change.

Our experience is that many people WANT to make good lifestyle choices, they just aren't sure WHAT to change or WHY.

Key Components:

Identification of risk factors, through biometric screening and private employee/coach consultation

Training sessions in various formats (live/virtual/recorded) to teach WHAT changes to implement and WHY

Online support and interaction between training sessions, such as private Facebook groups, online videos, and live/recorded webinars

Opportunities in the workplace to promote an active lifestyle, such as defined walking paths within the office area

Call Bob at  (915) 449-9012 to discuss how we can provide the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program, a workplace wellness program that works, and even biometric screening for your team.

Seminar Topics We Offer

Longevity & Chronic Disease

Heart Disease & Stroke


Weight loss

Prediabetes & Diabetes

Gut Health

Brain Health

Family Nutrition

"I can't thank the Trinity Health team enough for coming to our corporate office to help our staff members. All of our participants greatly enjoyed the experience and information. 

Trinity Health does a wonderful job partnering with organizations to help coach employees on healthy lifestyle is definitely a value-added service.

I would highly recommend this program to any company looking to provide additional benefits or perks to their employees."

Allison Steele Marshall, PHR

Human Resources Director

Our role is to help you create a culture of wellness in everything you do, rather than holding "events" your employees attend annually and then forget.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for helping us implement a Wellness Program in our insitution.


Throughout these past 3 months, we were able to help our employees understand the cultural change required to improve their well-being, by creating awareness on their health condition (through lab work, consultations, etc.) as well as eating and exercising habits.


Your vast knowledge and experience in the wellness field has had a positive impact on our live a healthier and better life."

Martha Molinar

Human Resources Director

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