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Don't just follow the crowd

Be An Informed Shopper

 Wise shoppers purchase only fish oil supplements that have been molecularly distilled twice and are made in an FDA OTC drug quality manufacturing facility.

2 short videos that explain the importance of carefully choosing your fish. 

PBS explains risks when buying supplement brands that are not made in FDA OTC drug quality registered manufacturing facility.

Does your brand submit to pharmaceutical quality inspections?


Click above green box to go to FDA drug quality registration website.

FDA website is often down on the weekend.

Is Your Brand Safe?

Monday thru Friday the FDA makes available a website where the public can research the quality of their supplement manufacturer. 


To see if your brand's manufacturer is registered with the FDA to make their supplements to OTC Drug quality standards, click on the logo.  At the FDA site you can type in the name of your manufacturer to see if they are being inspected to drug quality manufacturing standards.

Below are the names of a few companies the FDA inspects to OTC Drug Quality standards.

  • Akorn, Inc.

  • Ajinomoto North America

  • Mission Pharmacal Company

  • USANA Health Sciences

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