Bob and 17 year old  Mimi celebrate Independence
Day for Mexico

Bob & Vicki Mihalyov, serving 19 precious kids at Rancho Los Amigos

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We began serving as volunteer missionaries at Rancho Los Amigos Children's Home in July 2020.

If you've not read the story of our crazy 14-month journey that took us to Mexico, check it out HERE.

vicki teaching trafficking.jpg

Vicki teaching visiting DTS students about Human Trafficking

3 ways to learn about the Children's Home

  1. Rancho Los Amigos Webpage.

  2. The Rancho Facebook page.

  3. Come VISIT the kids. (Contact us below.)

This is truly a labor of love. 

We (like everyone in in YWAM) receive no pay for our time. If you are feeling a tug at your heart to help make this work possible, please call, text or message us below so we can talk about how that could happen. 

All this is made possible by monthly donations from selfless individuals who help us cover the financial costs of providing care to the children.  Any monthly amount helps, $10 to $500.  Your sacrifice in partnering with us through prayer and finances is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Most people can't quit their jobs to go serve the less privileged. But the good news is that missions work like this is always a JOINT COLLABORATION.  It takes BOTH people who are able to go serve, as well as those willing to be the "senders." Does that sound like you?

vicki in Arabia.jpg

Elementary kids teaching Vicki about Saudi Arabia

bob and boys in creel.jpg

Bob, Jorge, Joni & Santiago hiking in the mountains.  (Building relationship with the kids is just as important as food, shelter and education.)

Thanks - your generosity makes this possible!

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What is most needed right now are partners who are able to collaborate monthly. Could that be you?  If so, please click the "make gift recurring" check box. So that your funds get properly allocated remember to put BOB MIHALYOV as the missionary name.  Then PLEASE let us know you have submitted so that we can personally thank you - we and the children have a gift we'd like to send you.

If you don't already have our cell phones or our email addresses you can click the "Contact Us" box below and send us a message so we can give your our cell phones.