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Life is short - eat this (healthy) dessert first!

Most of us have heard the saying, "Life is short, eat dessert first". And I love dessert, but I used to have a hard time with that philosophy. After all, whose mom didn't tell us when we were growing up, "don't eat sweets now, you'll spoil your appetite!".

The good news is, with the right healthy and great tasting desserts, you can have that dessert first without worrying about ruining dinner. Why? Because with desserts that are MMT (Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy) friendly, we're providing the right fuel (fat!) for our bodies, and these desserts have the same ratios of fat, net carbs and protein as our meals. So it's as much a healthy appetizer as a dessert. Now if we could just get restaurants to put these on their appetizer menus, we could change mom's perspective!

Watch this video for a sample of a great tasting and healthy "dessert" that you can enjoy anytime.

To get the recipe for this healthy chocolate, CLICK HERE. For more great tasting desserts, meals, sides, and more, visit the Recipe Page at our website.

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